I am a  part time Courier by day and work from home specialist by night. I am also in the relationship building business. No, I am not a therapist or a relationship guru.  I am a Net worker, Entrepreneur, Ex-Bread Baker, Business Solution-er. And Leadership Developer. I will explain what my interpretation of each is. You may have your own, but these are mine.

Net worker(24/7).  I build relationships with people who are looking for a way to improve the results they are getting personally and financially. Many tend to conform the way things are. Confront the real issues and work towards a real solution. You may find the problem is not on the outside of us but the inside. How we feel and how we think.

Entrepreneur(All The time & Most Days). In my life, I have been fortunate and blessed to have worked on projects in the Corporate world, as a Lab Technician. I helped create products such as Reduced Fat Mayo and Reduced Fat Peanut Butter. I have also owned 2 Franchised Commercial Cleaning businesses. I have had several  Real Estate properties in New Jersey. I have done everything from Landscaping, Plumbing, Electrical, Flooring, and Carpeting. Good enough to pass inspection and get the properties rented.  I have been an Uber driver, and I am currently a part time Courier by day.

Bread Baker(Retired only when needed). I have been a full and part time Bread Baker for well over 20 years. I learned this trade from some of the top Bread Bakers and Cake Decorators in North East NJ. When I first started I was a helper, then apprentice and then a full-time Baker. I have made and baked everything from Specialty Breads, Rolls, Danish, Croissants, Muffins, Donuts, Cakes, and Bagels. My main area of focus was on yeast made products like buns and donuts. Sometimes for fun and relaxation, I make pies and cakes from home. Currently, I bake for my immediate family, church or occasionally for my daughter’s school.

Leadership Development (New Businesses Less than five years).My focus here is for the newcomers to the business world. I am passionate about this because of my experiences.When I first started out in 2010, I thought all I needed was a website and business name. I had both and did not make any money. I also tried to grow a business through Direct Mail. That would be great until I found out how many times you had to contact the same person before they would look at your offer. You see with online you need the right content. With offline, you need great sales copy.  For a new person, this takes that time and lot of money. The best way to learn and the most effective is to get a mentor and good support system.

Business Solutions(Been in Businesses for More than five years). My goal here is to help the businesses, more than five years. A company may only want support by getting new customers or find a way to jump start some new areas in their business. An experienced business may need some help with Social Media, Branding or improving their marketing efforts. Grow your bottom line.