All you need to do is…

All you need to do is, be positive and show up!


One of my business partners, and a good friend, invited me to come out and  help celebrate his wife’s 50th birthday. When he invited me last month I was very appreciative at the time. Today was the day of the party November 25, 2017.I got home from work about 630pm and was a bit tired. I relaxed and watched some college football and took a quick nap. After a quick nap I took my shower and got dressed.  I arrived at the party shortly after 8pm. This was a very nice place and easy to get to. After  about 30 minutes I met my business partner’s lovely wife and some of their family.  A few people spoke and we all got a chance to take a picture with the birthday celebrant. After the picture taking came the dancing and boy were my feet tired.

  As the night progressed I decided to leave since I had to get up the next morning for work. On the way out the door I met a very attractive young lady. She was just finishing her phone call so I decided to strike up a conversation. Not only was she very attractive, we had a lot in common. We both lived in the North Eastern United States, the New York and New Jersey area. We talked for over 2 hours. I am not sure about her, but, I did not want the night to end. Since then we have talked a couple times on the phone. I feel confident about our new and developing friendship.

   I say all that to say this. My day was long and I was going to cancel going to the birthday party. But, I thought about the awesome person who invited me. I thought about how we always share a kind word of encouragement to each other. Then I met his lovely wife and their family. Now I understand why he is so happy and upbeat.

  Imagine if I would have never showed up. I would have never met all the wonderful people that night, especially an attractive young lady. It seems at times when I don’t want to do something is when I get the greatest benefit.

Keep showing up , be positive and you never know who you will meet today?

Motivator61 Thanks you.


I have been working for many years to help others, at least, take a look at some very simple and affordable ways improve their life. I have been doing this in my neighborhood, places where I do business, with friends , family and whoever I am fortunate enough to meet. I do this by listening to what they want and doing my best to help them get what they want.

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