Gator National 2018

2018 makes the second year in a row  I was able to attend the NHRA(National Hot Rod Association) in Gainsville Florida. This was a very loud,exhilarating and fun trip.

First Leg of the Trip. I decided I wanted to make this trip in one day. I left my house at 1230am on 3/18/2018 and drove from Atlanta Georgia to Waycross Georgia to meet friends and family. From there we loaded up two fifteen passenger vans and headed to Gainsville Florida. Once we got near the racetrack we had breakfast at IHOP.

On to the Track!!!

Shortly after breakfast we were at the track and ready for an exciting day of racing. By far the most powerful cars are the Top fuel dragsters with more than 10,0000 horsepower per car. Just imagine how loud and powerful two cars are? Let me say it another way with regard to horsepower. A Boeing 777 generates 110,000 horsepower. That is eleven times that of a Top fuel dragster. One of the top speeds recorded in the quarter mile was 330 mph and traveling 1,320ft in four seconds – WOW! This event has distinct sounds and smells unlike any I have ever experienced. I enjoyed every bit of!

A brief History. A few years ago my cousin went to the Barbershop to get a haircut. His Barber shared  his experience with the “Gator National”. He shared with him how awesome it was and how much fun they had. Finally, curiosity got the best of him. He had to go to the Gator National see for himself. After his initial visit he decided to invite other friends and family.2018 makes the 5th year in a row the Waycross Gator National Fan Club has been in existence. I am so happy I got invited last year.

Excitement and Enthusiasm. Can lead to a lot of great things. When done with the right spirit it can bring joy and happiness to those closest to you. You can meet some great people and build lasting memories that will last a lifetime.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Well said! Oh the joys of gathering. Marking good times with photos seals the memories. Keep up the tradition. Thanks for sharing.

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