How Are Your People Skills.

If you had to rank yourself on how well your people skills are, what number would you give yourself and why? For this example let’s use a scale from I to 10. With 1 being the best and 10 not so good. How well are you at striking up a conversation with a stranger? Let’s say you were at the grocery store/supermarket and you were in line waiting to get checked out.

If I were in that situation these are some possible scenario’s.

1) I may not feel comfortable in starting a conversation, I just want to quietly wait in line.

2) I may be in a real upbeat mood and make a blanket comment about the weather, the store, something you’re wearing. Based on the vibe of the initial comment I may engage in a conversation.

3) Just smile and say hello and not say anything beyond that point.

So, on a scale from 1 to 10, I would give myself a 4. I give myself a 4 because I do understand how important it is to engage with people when possible. I always watch their facial expression, body language and the tone of their voice.

Everyone has people skills. It is just a matter of how well you want to use them. Developing people skills is an ongoing process. The following is an insight from a book about People Skills on how we learn and retain information:

How We Learn

98% Through Sight ~ 11% through Hearing ~ 3.5% Through Small ~ 1.5% Through Touch and 1 % through taste.

Retain Information

10% through what we read ~ 20% through what we hear ~ 30% of what we see ~ 50% of what we see and hear ~ 70% of what we say and talk 90% OF WHAT WE SAY AS WE DO A THING.

What is your prospective?

I have been working for many years to help others, at least, take a look at some very simple and affordable ways improve their life. I have been doing this in my neighborhood, places where I do business, with friends , family and whoever I am fortunate enough to meet. I do this by listening to what they want and doing my best to help them get what they want.

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2 Replies to “How Are Your People Skills.”
  1. Tony,

    My people skills I would rate as a 10; I have no problem engaging people. I am not the best Engineer at my job; however, my people skills and ability to work with, and resolve customer issues are invaluable. This makes me a huge asset to my company.

    I am a visual, and hands on learner.

    I need to be able to take these skills and use them for my own business,

    Rob W.

    ps. My website is not constructed yet, but looking at yours is encouraging me. Let’s get together soon-I really enjoy speaking with you.

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