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The start.

    It has been a while since I  last blogged  on my website.  I had a slight setback in my family situation. Nothing too scary but my 15 year old daughter has had some health challenges that have required my full attention.  I always say I know how my day starts but I never know how it may end up. For instance the beginning of 2018 started out great. I had plans on being further ahead in my blogging community. I had a vision to do at least 3 blog post per week and attend as many training on Friday evening’s with Jay. I know they are  recorded and I can go back at any time and  listen. I just like the live training where I  get to ask questions real time.

Adjustments. If I shared with you the number of changes I have made over the last 8 years it would take me an entire week . I do believe that if I’m not able to adjust and make changes I will not be able to sustain any progress. No one plans to have setbacks, but they happen. The goal here is to never quit. Take a break if you have to but always keep coming back if you can.

The Right Decisions.  In my younger days I used to think If I decided not to make a decision that I was playing it safe. I would be in a “Gray Area”. I later learned that a no decision is still a decision and has consequences.   Even as we share our day to day life with others, it is a decision.  I have learned that I am living my decision and not  my consequences. The only way that I can grow and succeed at any of this is to decide what I have to do and stick to the plan. The only way to learn is to make a decision, make adjustments and  never quit.

Better days ahead.  No matter the situation things do get better.  My rainy days will turn into sunshine if I like sunshine. Some of us like the rain. Both are needed and have purpose. My valleys will turn into the mountain top. With help and support we can endure any situation.  I must be willing sacrifice and pay the toll road to success. If it’s one year or 100 years I am willing to pay a price for my success. I have learned a lot but I have lot more to learn. I am so grateful to have support from my friends and family. If it were not for their support it would and having a big enough “why” , it would be easy to just stop and find something else to do. If I don’t have a big enough why for all of this any excuse can derail my efforts. Better days are always ahead as long I stay involved with this process.

I have been working for many years to help others, at least, take a look at some very simple and affordable ways improve their life. I have been doing this in my neighborhood, places where I do business, with friends , family and whoever I am fortunate enough to meet. I do this by listening to what they want and doing my best to help them get what they want.

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6 Replies to “Keep Going >>>>>”
  1. My Big Brother, that interesting writing you’ve put together and well said. I see you have put a lot of thinking into progress when blogging. but keep up the good work, great things are about to happen your way by Devine providences.There will be a person with a blue cap on there head that have the letter “N” on it. go in your right pocket and give them 7 dollars. tell them to pass it on and don’t look back. The person may not even need it, but its something in this giving that God relish this moment…
    We talk about later, Love You Always Brother

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