Leadership development is defined as a program or activity that makes people become better leaders.  The way our company uses Leadership Development is to help new people starting out in business. The hardest thing for most people to do is to GET STARTED! What stops most is the start. Here is what the start looked like for Change Your Thinking Change Your Life  LLC.

About  6.5 years ago we did not start with Change Your Thinking Change Your Life  LLC. We started out with Burse Global Ventures INC. We tried desperately to make that corporation work. We attended workshops, created our own Personal Development Workbook, sent countless mailing opportunities to thousands and thousands of people but no big results. After years of hard work and not very much to show for it, we decided to take some time off and reflect on what we had done so far. We had to ask ourselves a few questions.

What are people looking for?
What worked and what didn’t work?
Who are our real customers?

After a moment of reflection, we decided to make a few changes. What we did like is that we were able to help people. What we didn’t like is that we had to go through so many people to get to the ones that needed our help. So our focus went from trying to help everyone to just helping those who raised their hands for more information. This allowed us to be more effective with the least amount of effort. You can’t help everyone, but you can help someone that really needs your help. Burse Global Ventures INC went from attempting to help all to, Change Your Thinking Change Your Life  LLC, which focused on helping the right people. The right people are those who have taken some steps to helping themselves get started in a Business of their choice.

At the beginning, you will need guidance and support because you will not have all the answers. For instance, you may know that you need to develop a website for clients and customers to look at your company and decide if they want to hire you or order products and services from you. Their are usually two ways you can go with a website. Create your website or hire someone to create it for you. If you create it for yourself, you will have to pick a name, get it hosted, create the content and work your butt off to get it ranked on the first page of Google. If you hire someone to create the website, you will have to provide the content to the web developer. And yes you will still have to get it ranked on the first page of Google. In the beginning, you may not know which is the best option when it comes to creating a website, create your own or hire some to create one for you? Having support and Leadership Development can help this decision go lot smoother. The reason we are so passionate about Leadership Development because we see where we could have used it ourselves in the development of Change Your Thinking Change Your Life. You see no one has all the answers but working together, all things are possible. Last thought ALWAYS remain forever teachable.