What is your definition of perseverance? To maintain any continuity with online, offline work from home, traditional work or the nine to five, we have to stick and stay or persevere. We have to keep going and stay engaged. Imagine working your tail off at a position and loosing the continuity you have established right before you achieve your goal. Imagine going from a regular employee to being a supervisor or a manger with a big office in the corner. For some, if that is your goal. this may come easy. You may have to toil and sacrifice for many years to get there. What if you do all there is to do and someone else get’s the position? Will your efforts be in vain?

What are some of the ways that that help with continuity during the long days and sometimes sleepless nights? The things that help me persevere is to say to may self” slow down”. I break down my task into smaller steps. I do my best to stay on task and keep the process as simple as possible. If I attempt to rush things I tend to create other problems. For instance I drive for a living. My perspective with driving is to leave in in plenty of time and be as on time as possible. I understand that I can’t control the weather ,traffic or time. If I can’t make it on the agreed time I call and let my customers know. In the daytime I drive and at night I blog and work on my online business. Yes it gets tough and I have to persevere in order to get through and make any type of progress.

Some time ago I read a definition of perseverance~


We have to keep going we are almost there!!!

I have been working for many years to help others, at least, take a look at some very simple and affordable ways improve their life. I have been doing this in my neighborhood, places where I do business, with friends , family and whoever I am fortunate enough to meet. I do this by listening to what they want and doing my best to help them get what they want.

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    1. Hey Cynthia
      Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I apologize for getting back to you so late. I’ve been a bit busy at work. I am a courier by day and at night I blog as often as possible,usually twice a week.
      Your comments encourage me. Thanks again Bubbles

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