The list of programs below are just a start to help us as men get started. The best place to start is  with man in the mirror.  Our worst critics can be ourselves. If I had to share one of my greatest liabilities is being a perfectionist. One of my mentors had shared that with me some time ago. I am not only a perfectionist I can also be a bit judgemental. When I examine my personality and talk to other men I see that I am not alone. Some this may stem from a lack of trust or a fear of failure. I feel I need to control the outcome of everything thing I do. I feel if it needs to get done, Tony is the guy that has to do it. As I have gotten older I see the to need to improve myself on so many levels. I am a huge fan Personal Development and Personal Growth. The more I learn about myself the more I see I need to work on myself. I always share with my youngest daughter  ” You are never too young to teach and you are never too old to learn. Learning should start at birth and end at death. Another nugget to share with you is that “Leaders Are Readers”

Men, we are leaders. We can lead from the front or follow from the back. If you have not had a chance to lead then your turn will be next. Some have even shared in order to be a good leader one must be a good follower. Let’s Rise Up and be the Leaders the world is waiting for.

If any of these links interest you then, awesome, If not then feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly with your concerns or questions. Believe you my brother we need each other. No one has all the answers, but together we are stronger than the issues that tear us apart. Thanks for stopping by and remember to share this link with one or two of your best friends. Tools and info along the way to your success.